Thursday, August 12, 2010

quarterbaked sub marine cities buildings prt

Status: not posted to halfbakery yet.

Instead of a space station city:

City built of [link]Sub Marine Buildings or [link]Submerged Buildings.
run by thermal, wave, sea current and wind power stations.
Transportation with [link]Sea PRT. Oxygen and wood provided by [link]Sub Marine Garden.

Beach saltwater pool.

Building submerged in water 15 stories down.
Building underwater. Light pipes and snorkel. Organic sewage and treatment station. Window to sm garden. Seawater powering most systems using hydraulics since water abundant.

Friday, August 6, 2010

some more halfbakery ideas

1. Online Plugins Emulator - adds the ability for a website to "add plugins" without actually installing those plug-ins.
2. gooogle - enhanced google with all the plugins online. A checkbox enables the enhancements or disables them.  A screenshot is shown with examples when you hover over the addon.
Supports: DeeperWeb, AlwaysGoogle, SnapShots, XMarksSync, TrueKnowledge, Webmind and