Thursday, August 1, 2013

Manual vacuum broom

Pump on broomstick has a two way action, decided by a switch: out or in. 

Pumping air out - pushes the dust out of its location  with an "air thrust".

Pumping air in - creates enough suction to pull the dust and dirt into the "dust bin". 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - the website for inventors and designers website - Beyond the evaluation stage!

Website for inventors, designers and idea marketers, to share their ideas, get them made and sold. 

Different from idea sites like whyNot and this website goes beyond the evaluation stage. is for actually getting your idea built.
With you get your idea out there:

  • You need a precisely defined goal - define it with MakeitWithMe
  • You need a great presentation - collaborate on MakeitWithMe with designers, engineers, video experts and artists
  • You need a good business model - consult on MakeitWithMe with financial experts, and build you business plan with them.
  • You may want a prototype - build it with a team on MakeitWithMe 
  • You need patents or other ways to secure your idea - MakeitWithMe is the place to discuss them and write them.

You may get volunteers to assist you, promise to share revenues or even pay team members.

The site will be affiliated with 


Website definition and looks: 

Leaving it to you people !!
 - Please help me out with this !
  • The site should have:
    • A main page 
      • Keywords webtag-cloud (by high vote)
      • Latest idea titles by category, stage or vote
      • Submit your idea
      • Advanced search
    • Voting on various aspects: doable, original, offensive
    • Idea Stage status
      • Stages: Evaluation, Design, Prototype, 
      • For each stage, status can be: No (strikethrough), Future, Started, Advanced, Done
    • Comments - 
      • vote on comments same as on ideas.
    • Privacy levels: 
      • personal list, project members, site members, public
    • Some explanatory pages - 
      • Other websites to put your idea up for evaluation
      • Community sponsored links - 
        • Companies that help inventors in specific fields
      • Where NOT to invest (general invention promotion firms)

Bike chair, for resting comfortably when your not riding

Quarterbakery idea: bike chair

- chair that folds out of side of bike when your not riding it, to be used for comfortably resting. Instead of tying the bike and leaving it, lean on it for support!!

Here's how I drew it in Deviant art 

There's a feature to see how it was drawn, and in it you can see the chair when its folded. 

This drawing was started from a realistic 3d simulation of another Quarterbakery and Halfbakery idea of mine - the Pedal Assist. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

quarterbakery - robot kit

Quarterbakery idea: Robot kit -
Prefabricated robot controllers and parts

The difference between this and Lego Mindstorms, QFix Robot Kit, and other educational robot kits, is that:

  • No limit on size
      • This is for building robots of any size - NOT just for education
  • No computer language
      • There is a more "natural language" for programming. 
      • NO C or C++ or anything like that
  • No electronics
      • All parts are compatible
      • Connected in parallel and talk to each other 
      • Controller units that connect with each other

Each unit includes: 

  • A "controller unit" that connects to the other controller units
  • The "equipment part" - the part that moves or does the task that the controller controls. 
  • Command set:  A set of input and output commands that control the unit with a set "API"

The units include:
  • Coordinator (a brain) - note there can be several working together, in which case each will serve as a "brain section".
  • Access: arm, hand, finger
  • Motion: leg, leg pair, multilegs, wheel control
  • Visual input:  
    • Low level: Light detector, motion detector, infra red detector, distannce detector
    • Med level: Camera, camera eyes, scanner
    • Sight analyzer, OCR, 
  • Visual output: LEDs, LCD, LCD Screen, Video output
  • Audio input: simple (sound detection at different levels), complex: audio processing, speech detection, speech analysis and understanding
  • Manual control: mouse, joystick, 
  • Communications: Wifi, Bluetuth, USB etc
  • Accessories: powertools, printer, digital storage (usb stick or memory cards)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

quarterbaked sub marine cities buildings prt

Status: not posted to halfbakery yet.

Instead of a space station city:

City built of [link]Sub Marine Buildings or [link]Submerged Buildings.
run by thermal, wave, sea current and wind power stations.
Transportation with [link]Sea PRT. Oxygen and wood provided by [link]Sub Marine Garden.

Beach saltwater pool.

Building submerged in water 15 stories down.
Building underwater. Light pipes and snorkel. Organic sewage and treatment station. Window to sm garden. Seawater powering most systems using hydraulics since water abundant.

Friday, August 6, 2010

some more halfbakery ideas

1. Online Plugins Emulator - adds the ability for a website to "add plugins" without actually installing those plug-ins.
2. gooogle - enhanced google with all the plugins online. A checkbox enables the enhancements or disables them.  A screenshot is shown with examples when you hover over the addon.
Supports: DeeperWeb, AlwaysGoogle, SnapShots, XMarksSync, TrueKnowledge, Webmind and

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Automatic PV cleaning device - idea for sale

Idea for sale - to be patented with you and then sold.

Simple low cost, waterless device and method for cleaning dust from solar PV panels, (Photo-Voltaic cells, or solar collectors). The system allows for a central company to know the condition of dust on it's collectors, and to treat the collectors removing the dust.

Details to be given after proof of capability to buy, sell or develop this type of a system, and after signing an NDA.