Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bike chair, for resting comfortably when your not riding

Quarterbakery idea: bike chair

- chair that folds out of side of bike when your not riding it, to be used for comfortably resting. Instead of tying the bike and leaving it, lean on it for support!!

Here's how I drew it in Deviant art 

There's a feature to see how it was drawn, and in it you can see the chair when its folded. 

This drawing was started from a realistic 3d simulation of another Quarterbakery and Halfbakery idea of mine - the Pedal Assist. 


  1. Note: Devian art has an animation that shows how it folds (actually: How I Drew this with my dysfunctional laptop touchpad).

  2. I posted this idea on halfbakery.

    One of the halfbakers (User:MichE) wrote:

    Probably your best bet would be a simple folding seat that mounts to the off-side chain stay, with the back upright against the seat stay. That would put it in the same position as a rear pannier or a rear rack.

    You would also want a pair of legs on a linkage that folds out as you put the seat down, which would put the load of a sitter between those legs and the rear axle.


    I asked for a sketch. I'll update here if anything comes of it.