Tuesday, July 30, 2013

quarterbakery - robot kit

Quarterbakery idea: Robot kit -
Prefabricated robot controllers and parts

The difference between this and Lego Mindstorms, QFix Robot Kit, and other educational robot kits, is that:

  • No limit on size
      • This is for building robots of any size - NOT just for education
  • No computer language
      • There is a more "natural language" for programming. 
      • NO C or C++ or anything like that
  • No electronics
      • All parts are compatible
      • Connected in parallel and talk to each other 
      • Controller units that connect with each other

Each unit includes: 

  • A "controller unit" that connects to the other controller units
  • The "equipment part" - the part that moves or does the task that the controller controls. 
  • Command set:  A set of input and output commands that control the unit with a set "API"

The units include:
  • Coordinator (a brain) - note there can be several working together, in which case each will serve as a "brain section".
  • Access: arm, hand, finger
  • Motion: leg, leg pair, multilegs, wheel control
  • Visual input:  
    • Low level: Light detector, motion detector, infra red detector, distannce detector
    • Med level: Camera, camera eyes, scanner
    • Sight analyzer, OCR, 
  • Visual output: LEDs, LCD, LCD Screen, Video output
  • Audio input: simple (sound detection at different levels), complex: audio processing, speech detection, speech analysis and understanding
  • Manual control: mouse, joystick, 
  • Communications: Wifi, Bluetuth, USB etc
  • Accessories: powertools, printer, digital storage (usb stick or memory cards)

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